Seeking tips on how to use WordPress and HubSpot together

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We are lauching a new WordPress blog to assist with SEO and work alongside our newsletters.


We are curious the best way to get these 2 plaforms working together with our website.  We want to have our website, blog and newsletter all work together for new growth but we don't want to confuse our clients bouncing them around too much.


Is there any way we could take a blog post, convert it to an HTML email and send it out through an email campaign in HubSpot?  


Any advice is appreciated!




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Hi @AnythingPrintca ,


Converting a blog into an email sounds like a reasonable amount of effort. You could set up an automated system, but it would be quite tricky. And I'm not sure that the user experience of receiving emails with long-form content is that great. Plus, once they've read it... they'll close it and move on. If you can get them on your site, they might browse around a bit and find some more interesting content!


Why don't you start a monthly blog newsletter? Let people subscribe, then just curate your best few articles for the month and send it out with little teasers to get people to click through to the actual blog. Or just use them as content for your existing newsletters.


As for bouncing people around - there's no reason you can't style your HS content and WordPress content to be the same (same menus, same headers, same footers etc...) if it's part of one unified brand. It's a bit of work, but it's worth it. Then there's no friction when people move between HubSpot and Wordpress. Most people don't even notice that the subdomain has changed.


I have one client where we do that - the marketing site is actually on WordPress, but all the blogs and asset landing pages are on HubSpot. Newsletters etc... are all sent from HS too. I can't really share it here, but send me a private message if you like and I can share the link so you can see the user experience.