Restricting Team members' ability to email & view contacts they don't own


I’m setting up teams so that different franchise territories throughout the country can run email campaigns to their contacts from that region through Hubspot, with HQ overseeing everything.

I’ve managed to restrict contact access so they can only see the contacts that are assigned to them (i.e. are from their geographical region), but when I (in a test account with restricted contact access) go to design an email, I can see all the lists on our HQ account, including contacts that don’t belong to the team account.

Clicking into those lists, you can’t see the individual contacts because they don’t belong to that user BUT an individual from that team can still send an email to any of these lists.


How do I restrict the settings so team members can only send emails to their own contacts? And ideally, only see emails & contact lists belonging to their team?

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HubSpot Product Team

Hey @alice_kcm what restrictions have you set r.e. not just viewing but also communciation. According to this user permissions artcile:

Contacts, companies, deals, tasks, and properties

  • Communicate: use the dropdown menu to the right to select which set of contacts the user is able to communicate with based on ownership. This enables a user to email, call, schedule a meeting, or live chat with a contact. Your options are EverythingTeam and unassignedTeam onlyOwned and Unassigned, and Owned only


Can you confirm exactly what your HubSpot subscription is (i.e. which email tools you use) so I can make sure I understand the context correctly. 


Hi Roisin,


Thanks for the reply. I've also got a ticket open with Celin in relation to this query (#1091447).


'Communicate' on the Contacts tab is set to 'Owned only'. It makes sense for this to allow users to email, call, schedule a meeting, or live chat with individual contacts, but the crucial issue I've come across is that when sending marketing emails, team members can both see and email lists that do not belong to them - although if they click into the lists, they can't view the individual contacts, since they don't own them. But they can still view the list name, and number of contacts held in that list.


This completely undermines the point of restricting team members' ability to see only owned contacts, and seems like an obvious loophole that needs closing urgently. 


The full list of permissions that I have active on the test account I'm using to explore this issue are as follows:



View - Team only 

Communicate - Team only

Edit - Team only 

Bulk delete/Import/Export/Workflows/Edit property settings - all off



Ads, Blog, Landing pages - Read

Email - Publish, Write & Read

Lists - On

Forms/Reporting/Edit code templates & modules/Edit content settings - Off



Sales Access - Off



Admin Access - Off








I agree that if you don't allow someone to "Communicate" with someone that needs to translate to the marketing email tool. It's a major permissioning gap that someone appears to not be able to email someone ...but secretly can.

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I agree with this suggestion. We have enabled list partitioning for a client so regional teams are only able to see owned contacts in the list tool. However, they are still able to email ALL contacts - even the ones they don't own. A workaround is to always include a contact owner filter in email recipient lists, but with many regional teams working in one platform there is a chance that this gets forgotten and e.g. Japanese leads could end up receiving a French email... not ideal.

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Hello everyone - apologies for the delayed response here. With the list partitioning beta you should be able to limit the contacts that a user can contact because that will automatically add their team as a filter in the list criteria. Imported lists aren't yet partitioned in the same way, so we're working on that, as well as on making it easier for admins to see all contacts no matter the team that they're a part of. 


If you're running into a problem with emailing contacts you shouldn't be, you may be running into something very specific so feel free to send me a direct message and we can look into that further.