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Remove contact from list

Once someone on a list subscribes/opts in to receive email how do i remove them from the list?

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Remove contact from list

Hi @JSummers,


Could you confirm what you'd like to achieve? Automatically or manually remove a contact from a list? When someone subscribes or unsubscribes? (I'm just a bit confused about removing a contact when they're subscribed - and not the other way around.)


In any case, let's start with general information on adding or removing contacts from a list here.


For subscriptions specifically, this information is stored in the filter shown below:



Here you can choose a subscription type. If you want to remove a contact who opted in, you would either filter for:

- contact is not opted or opted out OR

- create another list of contacts who are opted in and include contacts from the new list in the original list


Let me know if you have follow-up questions!

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Remove contact from list

@JSummers is the list membership based on subscription status?

If so, you can update the contact to opt out of email, which allows you to unsubscribe the contact on their behalf. Learn more here: