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Question: I am looking to see what and where I would need to put the code to remove the pop-up in emails when you hover over images and links (I believe this is called the tooltip). 


For background: I have 3 domains in HubSpot and I send marketing emails for all. When an email is sent via HubSpot Marketing and a user hovers over images or hyperlinks in that email, it shows the Primary URL (domain A) that’s set in our HubSpot settings, even though the image or link itself doesn’t go to that domain but is instead on Domain B or C.


This is what it what I'm trying to hide: example of hoverexample of hover

I'm hoping to edit the email template in HubSpot to hide the tooltip, but I'm not sure what that code is or where it would go in the HubSpot Design Manager.

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Hi @NataliePatton,


Tooltips are pop ups for when you are filling out a form to ensure you are providing the required information. 


This looks to be a preview of the link that is included in the email, which I believe is functionality of the email, not from HubSpot. While you can disable link tracking (which would significantly shorten the text shown there), there is no way within the template of the email to prevent this from happening that I am aware of. 


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Hi @jennysowyrda 


Would turning off the link tracking still show us if someone clicked a link in the email?


We're having the same issue with huge link previews in some email clients. We don't need granular heatmaps etc showing which links were clicked, but we still want to know if links in the email were clicked if possible. Happy to turn off link tracking if we still get some analytics. Thanks. 

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>>"Would turning off the link tracking still show us if someone clicked a link in the email?"

No. 'Link tracking' IS the functionality that shows us if someone clicked a link in our email. Turning if off disables all tracking and analytics for clicks AND opens.


Note: HubSpot is a constantly evolving platform. Please check the date of each post and view all solutions in that context -- see Marketing Hub Enterprise 2020.


Hope that helps.


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Hello =),


does anybody has another solution for solving the "huge-link-preview"-problem? I´m sure its a HubSpot-Problem because other Newsletter-Tools also offer link-tracking but they don´t show these huge links.


Thank you =)


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I have to agree with the original post and some of the responses, that we want to track the click, but that massive link with all the campaign information in there looks so spammy. I've turned off the campaign tracking for these links and it still shows the same thing.