Reduced plans for freelancers / founders?

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I love Hubspot in terms of usability and possible options for the future. But currently, I just started my business and obviously don't have the money to pay for the lowest stage of involvement (in my case: Marketing Starter). I saw an option for startups - but I suppose this offer only addresses startups backed by VC. That's not the case for me, so I wondered if there's any other opportunity to start low and increase budget in case of success? Would be lovely...


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Hi @Gondlach 


You are correct about the software for startups only being for those with VC/incubator backing, as far as I know. 


The only option to start at a lower cost is to go with the free CRM plus the free versions of the marketing, sales and service tools. These offer a lot of valuable functionality, but you will need some third-party solutions to make it all work like a full-on HubSpot stack. 


This article might give you some good ideas to fill those gaps: How to Build An Inbound Marketing Platform Without Using HubSpot


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I will say having worked with many CRM/marketing platforms, Hubspot has pushed the boundary with how low their pricing is.  First coming into this arena almost a decade ago, most of the platforms out there were at minimum $2,000+/mo for just marketing automation, not including a CRM or anything else.  So the $50/mo price for just the email marketing component is a bargain for a minimal investment.


With that said, if you really need to stretch a few bucks a little further and email is your biggest pain point, you could bundle in Mailchimp's free plan for sending email.