Recurring Emails within Workflows


There needs to be a way to set up a option within a workflow where a contact or company has the ability to re-enroll continuosly! We send out weekly emails to our customers with new deals and currently i have to turn off and turn back on a workflow to make sure all the contacts on a specific list get the weekly emails, otherwise only new people to the list within the workflow get the email! 

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HubSpot Employee

Hey Amanda- Cheers for engaging with the community.


The issue I see here is that Workflows kinda aren't designed for that regular sort of activity- Sure, you can re-enrol people, but they generally only re-enrol when some action is taken to trigger it, so a weekly email send doesn't quite work. We can't get people to loop endlessly through a workflow, continuously receiving emails with no discernable trigger.


What I'd be curious to know is why you're not just using the regular Email tool- Building up a list of customers who want to receive weekly deals, and then sending those on the list that email, though I suppose that's what you're doing now, just with an automated email that you're editing week on week, then turning the Workflow on and off.