Previewing my new Instant Emails with sample RSS content

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Hey all, 


We're currently redesigning our Blog Email notifications to use the instant email template so our subscribers are instantly notified. I whipped up a new template, but I am having one issue.


How do I preview what this email is going to look with content?


The test emails that get sent out are not correctly populated with the RSS data so none of the tokens get any relevant content (no featured image coming through, no meta description, etc). You can attach dummy contact data for emails to use, but not dummy blog-post data.


I was curious if there is any solution to this. 


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Hi @shullski,


Are you concerned about how the blog post will look with the real words in it? Or is there a specific piece of the template you are looking to continue working on? 


You could create a second blog for testing purposes, add yourself as an email recipient, and then use the live functionality for the test blog. This would ensure you could see the functionality without impacting your primary blog. 



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