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Personalized images in email does not work

I have created a form, where our customers should insert an image (property type is file). Based on this form, I have created a workflow, which sends email to my team.


I have used personalization token to add image to email. When I preview email, I can see that image, but when I fill form and get email, image doesn't show. I thought that problem is my email, but when I added same image to email without personalization token, it worked well. Email loads every other images, but not those with added by personalization token.


What can I do that image will show in email? If I just insert presonalization token, there is a link to the image, but image doesn't show in email. 


I tried to add image with code: <img src="{{ contact.testimage }}" alt="testimage" style="width: 100px; max-width: 100px; >


Different code I have tried: <img src="{{ personalization_token('company.testimage', 'Testimage') }}" alt="Testimage" style="width: 100px; max-width: 100px; >


Those didn't work

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Contributor | Platinum Partner

Personalized images in email does not work

Hi @SR11,


When a file is uploaded in a form or a chatbot, it then adds the file to the file manager within your HubSpot portal. 


Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way to add the image into the email but you can add the personalisation token in without the code around it, to pull in the URL of the file within your file manager.