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Personalization Token - "&"


we use a personalization token that fetches data from our company DB and takes it into form fields.

Problem is: When the Content contains "&" the URL won't work properly. 




In the example, the inserted content for the token "name" contains "&", which isn't processed properly by the URL builder. It should be processed as "%26" to be inserted in the form as "&" and avoid cutting of the URL.


We have > 1000 companies with "&" in their name in our DB - so it's a pretty big issue for us


Anyone else encountered this problem? This seems like a technical bug that can be solved quite easily...?


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Personalization Token - "&"

Hello @Alexrott, thank you for proving this information above!

There is a Hubl filter that can be added to your token document  here |urlencode which would force that "&" to be encoded when the token is inserted. We would recommend using a module or template that is enabled for the programmable email beta. We just tested it out in my own account using a specific template that was enabled for programmable email, added the token first name to a URL with the urlencode filter appended to the token, then tested it in an email with a contact that has an "&" in the first name and the link does encode the "&" to %26.



Hope this information helps.


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