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I have a Campaign :- Fintech Focus. In this campaign there are multiple Emails.I have exported data for all emails of fintech focus.when i calculate the average of open rate of all those emails in klipfolio it is giving 18% but in Hubspot dashboard it is 12%.Please Suggest why this is happening though it should give the same avg open rate through Exporting excelsheet as well as on hubspot dashboard.

                                                 Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @Benzinga  HubSpot applies a one mega-pixel image to each email. If the image is loaded from our server, we count the message as opened. Find out more here.   


I can't address how Klipfolioaccounts for email opens. It would proable be best to reach out to your Klipfolio developer or the person who integrated HubSpot into the platform for further troubelshooting. 


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Ed Justen 

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