Not all email opens are tracked for Gmail


Our newsletter emails follow a very consistent pattern when it comes to email clients used for opens. Gmail always comes in top, with around 46-48%. 


I sent an email which had a terrible open rate compared to our usual benchmark, and Gmail fell to the 2nd spot on our email client reporting for the very first time, with only 22% usage. That combined with the fact that the open rate was so low tells me that not all Gmail opens were tracked. 


Does anyone know what I should be looking into to find out why this happened? Does my email being clipped on Gmail have something to do with it but if so, why has it successfully tracked some users and not others? 

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HubSpot Employee

Hello @wlee168 !


Your email being clipped can definitely effect open rates. HubSpot includes a small invisible image tracking pixel at the bottom of your email. Once that email is opened and the image is loaded, we receive that information and count the open. If anything happens - like clipping - to prevent that 'image' from displaying and thus loading, we cannot count the open.

A likely reason that some Gmail opens were counted is if anyone clicks the 'view full message' link that displays at the bottom of a clipped Gmail message. That will show the full email, and allow the tracking pixel to load, and then we can count the open.

A few ways to reduce the size of your email and prevent Gmail clipping is to:
- reduce the number of modules
- reduce the number of images (size of the image does not count towards size of the email)
- reduce the number of links.

You can find more about that here: