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Newsletter sent links not working 'page not found'

Hello people,


I have the following problem:


I am trying to send out a newsletter, built on the hubspot newsletter builder. I have intergrated multiple links and CTAs.


When I preview the email, every link works perfectly. When I send out a test email, the links are not working and they are leading to a page saying 'page not found' (see attached). All links, no matter the domain are leading to this page. 

I also get a warning from Hubspot saying: 

But, this is a problem that I don't encounter every time. Sometimes the links are working and sometimes they are not.

I would appreciate your help and guidance if you have encountered the problem before. Thanks in advance



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Newsletter sent links not working 'page not found'

By default, Hubspot converts all links in its own format for tracking.

""  Actually, this is just an email address and its being converted to a link. Steps to solve

1. Edit the email content for all the links

2. Select the link and choose the appropriate action from the dropdown (Email for Email address, Link for actual link)


Note: You should put in the category of email from dropdown. Currently its being treated as a URL.