Newsletter not rendering in Outlook

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I downloaded a free newsletter template and designed our monthly newsletter to fit its paramaters. When I tested it in our Outlook, it came through completely distorted. The images were HUGE, the width of the email itself was definitely over the 600px parameters to the point where it was completely horizontally stretched out. It was just a basic disaster.


I was told I needed to custom code HTML to get the template to work. I tried to do it, but my HTML knowledge is relatively basic, and even when I re-uploaded the customized version it was a problem because now all my content was static, so if I tested it and decided I wanted to alter something I couldn't edit in HubSpot.


Is there any sort of long term strategy being worked on to resolve this issue? Our entire company uses Outlook, as do 90% of our customers. I can't be custom coding templates every time I have to send an email. The issue persists even for plain emails with a simple header image. The header image disappears when I test the email. I can't run any of my campaigns because of these issues and no one seems to know how to solve them or when HubSpot will resolve the Outlook concern. I'd really appreciate any feedback possible on this so I know what to expect going forward. 

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Hi @Dpontarelli 


Styling emails is tricky because not all email clients are created equally i.e. Gmail uses different rendering engine to Outlook, which uses a different rendering engine to Apple Mail.


Some of the free email templates probably haven't been thoroughly tested on all email clients. 


It will probably be more cost effective to pay for a template that works on all email clients than try and fix a free template so it works on all email clients.






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Email clients are notorious for poor support. HubSpot's email builder does a pretty good job of support all clients and ensuring that emails render properly, but the result is a rather rigid framework to build emails. Below is a link to the standards supported by various email clients.


Hope that helps.