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New Email Editor Experience (For Classic Editor)

What is it?
Please note: This is for Pro & Ent - classic email editor users only. 


We're combining the simplicity of the drag and drop email editor with the power of the classic email editor to deliver a new unified editor experience.

As part of this update, we'll be sunsetting the older, classic editor to make it more aligned with the updated patterns in the drag and drop editor UI.

We plan to sunset the email classic editor UI on Jan 11th.


You don't need to do anything before this date. However, we'd recommend that you check out the new editor in Beta to get familiar with the new design.

1. No functionality is being changed

2. All of your old custom templates will work as expected


Why does it matter?
The old classic editor was difficult for regular marketers to use as it requires custom coding to create custom templates. This meant that you were more limited by the templates provided in the tool. We want to maintain the flexibility of the custom editor and bring the simplicity of the drag and drop editor together into one unified editor experience.


How does it work?
Here is a short video to show you around. Happy Editing!

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