NEW FEATURE - Plain text click tracking

HubSpot Product Team

We have recently added plain text click tracking for emails, which gives you the ability to see if a contact clicks any link in the plain text version of your email. This is to give you more insight into how your contacts interact with your emails. This feature automatically matches your setting for click tracking in Content Settings. If you previously had click tracking on, plaintext tracking is also on. You can turn it off by navigating to Content Settings > Email > Tracking.


On the post-send performance page, clicks are now separated out by type, of either HTML or plaintext. You can see this below.




We have also added a feature which allows you to filter out clicks from most bots. You can navigate to Reports > Settings > Domains and turn on bot filtering. 




We have added this feature in addition to plain text click tracking because many common spam filters (like Barracuda and Mimecast) use this type of bot clicking to check all incoming emails. This feature does not affect "real" clicks from humans. 


Please post any questions regarding this functionality to the Email Marketing Board:

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Woohoo! Thanks for sharing @JessieG