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Hi all,


Hope one of you can help us out. 


We want to create a 'list of new vacancies' email alert. Every week a number of new vacancies is added to the job vacancy website. Via a custom object, we are able to import these new vacancies into HubSpot. Each vacancy has a category, like marketing, staff, operations etc.


The email alert is a subscription email that is being sent to people who are interested in a certain category. The email is sent out every 2 weeks and need to show an aggregated overview of all new job postings (the records of the custom object) with a link to the job posting.

The main issue now is, how would we aggregate the new jobs per category, add them to email (tokens?) and than sent it to the subscription list.


We've tried many different options now, but until now nothing seems to work. Smart content could maybe work, but I have not found out how yet. Maybe the custom object approach is not the way to go, or maybe it is just impossible to send multiple records/data with a marketing email? Transactional email is not the way to go either we think, because people need to be able to unsubscribe (got hired, found a new job, lost interest, etc).


Hope someone has an idea! Thanks

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A few things are coming to mind for me. First if you are trying to build this email it will likely have to be done via the API and build the email outside of Hubspot as you will have the ability to code the email as you see fit ( ).  This is because you will run into limitations with smart content or other features as you are finding out.  However, I'm not sure if using Hubspot for this is the best way to go as this could be a very complicated and costly build.


There are options available for a Talent CRM that can be used for this purpose tied to their ATS platform to keep the recruiting systems in sync as opposed to mixing a marketing platform like Hubspot with the ATS platform.

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Thanks, it is indeed more complicated than I thought. Client already has a Talent CRM, but wants to measure the talent journey: what happens when someone subscribes to the alert. Therefore, they want to not send the emails throught that CRM, but via HubSpot. 


Still, it feels off that wouldn't be possible. If Category is A, add to list B, send email every 2 weeks containing records 1,2,3. Where 1,2,3 have the property Category A as well, or the association.