Moving leads between work flows


I want to do something quite simple.


1) Send an e-mail to a list of leads asking them to sign up

2) those who sign up from that e-mail, receive a thank you e-mail

3) those who do not enter the workflow to receive a series of e-mails until they do sign up

4) whenever one signs up, they receive the thank you e-mail


Would this be one big work flow or two? What is the easiest way to accomplish this?


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The easiest way is to create two simple workflows.


Workflow 1:

  • Enrollment trigger would be the list
  • Add in Marketing emails action step and add the series of emails that would be going to everyone in said list
  • Also add delay action steps in between each email and spread em out with the amount of time you want to go by before another email is sent out (5 days, 7 days, etc.)
  • Add a goal of Form submissions has filled out {{ whatever form you're using for this campaign }} on Any page (obiousy you can adjust this part of it if needed)

Workflow 2:

  • Enrollment trigger would be form submissions for whatever form you're using for this campaign
  • Add Marketing emails action step and add your Thank You email here

Done. Easy peasy.

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Hi there! Just as a quick heads up, please note that HubSpot requires that emails sent from our marketing email tool, including automated emails using workflows, be sent only to contacts who have opted in to receiving marketing emails from you. If those leads have not previously consented to marketing emails, you cannot use the marketing tool to email them. Please see our minimum requirements here and our definition of consent here.

If you do not have consent to send marketing emails to these contacts, you can instead use sequences if included in your plan!