More contacts at hubspot than mailchimp. Contacts from mailchimp


Hello everyone!

I'm having some wierd problems with the contacts list. I have a form in my website, this form is linked with a MAILCHIMP list and I setup HUBSPOT to take the contacts from that list. The think is that I have more contacts at hubspot than mailchimp, how this can be possible if is MAILCHIMP who collects all the information?


I'm having another problem too, the contacts write the phone number and mailchimp is collecting them normally but they are not being exported at Hubspot. Only two phones are collected... I don't know how this can be


Well, if you had a similar problem and you know how to solve it please share it with me!


Thank you!

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Community Manager

Hi @Lavakan,


How are you connecting your Mailchimp list to HubSpot? Via Zapier? Can you share screenshots of your setup? 


As for why there are more contacts in HubSpot, are there contacts coming into your portal through other sources (manually added, imports, etc.)? 


In regards to the phone number, can you confirm that the phone number field is being mapped from mailchimp to hubspot? 


The more screenshots, examples and details you can provide, the better the Community can assist!