Modernizing the Email Builder / Design


Are there any plans to modernize the Email design capabilities within Hubspot? Or allowing greater integration with external providers like Mailchimp?


It takes way too much time and effort to build an email in Hubspot. You should be focused on this more than rolling out features like chat.



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Hi @michaelpowens


Thank you for your feedback regarding the email capabilities of HubSpot. We are always working to improve the features and functionalities within HubSpot, and having customer feedback is vital to ensuring those improvements are working for our customers! If you have specific elements of the email tool you would like to see improved, I would suggest creating an idea with any many specifics, use cases, and details as possible in the ideas forum


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There should be more documentation on how to make emails that are responsive and look well on Gmail + Outlook. 


One big issue is that responsive emails built with Hubspot's designer get clipped on gmail. This even happens with the marketing emails Hubspot sends to its subscribers (see the image I paste here, it says "mensaje recortado").  


Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 9.19.50 AM.png


Is there a way to optimize Hubspot's code so that it weighs less than 100kbs? Look at this email from UDEMY, it doesn't get cut when seen in Gmail, even thou it's very long and has a complex structure and responsive behavior. 


Thank you!