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Hi all,

Right now I have numerous companies imported in HubSpot, all with their general emails (info@). I am trying to send a mass email to those companies, but when I finished my email in the email marketing tool I was only able to send it to "contacts." I have the emails for all those companies, so I was wondering how I can send a mass email to them?

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Hi @ShaneCorbett 


I'm sorry to report that HubSpot doesn't support sending marketing emails to addresses held on the company record - you have to have contacts with contact email addresses to use email marketing in the platform. I'm sure there is a deliverability argument for this - these addresses are much less likely to be opted-in and more likely to bounce - but I haven't found anything to share yet that specifically confirms this. 

Hope this helps. 

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Hi @ShaneCorbett I'm part of the EMEA CS team. I wanted to provide some additional clarity on your point as sending bulk emails to contacts or emails could have a negative impact in your email deliverability for a couple of reasons:


1. It could be a  violation of HubSpot's acceptable use policy which requires that contacts opt directly into your email, and do not come from purchased, third party, or non-opt-in sources. You may not use HubSpot to send spam. Spam can be in the form of bulk email or one to one commercial emails. HubSpot requires opt in to ensure both individual senders and our shared network is protected from the damage that unsolicited bulk sending causes.

2. This could have a negative impact on your email reputation and negative engagements, for example if you have high bounce rates, low open rates or if any of the contacts report you as SPAM. HubSpot platform will suppress any contact reported as a spam complaint to HubSpot from receiving future emails from the sender. 

3. A sender’s reputation will be a major factor in the success with your marketing email. A good sender reputation will increase the chances that mail is delivered to the primary inbox. A poor sender reputation can result in increased spam filtering, or mail being rejected/bounced altogether. 


Based on these points I highly advise checking the list of emails that you have to avoid any inconveniences, but above all to ensure that your email reputation and positive engagements benefit your future marketing email efforts. 



I would love to see the ability to send marketing emails to a list comprised of companies, and not just contact lists. It seems like an easy thing to do, given than contacts are associated to the company. There ought to be a way to send an email to the contact that is associated to the company in the list. 


Currently, I have a list of companies to which I would like to send emails, and all of the relevant information to segregate them into the appropraite lists are in company records and not contact records. Given there is no way to edit contacts from companies and vice versa, it seems like I'm left with a very laborious, manual process to convert this information from the company record to the contact record.