Marketing Email Isn't Sending

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I have the $50/month Sales Hub Starter and have tried using the Marketing Email portion of it but my emails are not being received. My regular email in Hubspot is working fine but I can't figure out what's happening with the Marketing Emails. I've only sent it to two separate contacts (test email accounts of mine) but it's been about 5 hours and still nothing. Anything I should know? I currently use Constant Contact and Actionetics for my mass emails but am thinking of switching to Hubspot.

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HI, the first thing that you would want to check is whether the problem is at the HS end or at the recipient server end. To do this, go to your marketing>email then click on the email in question so that you can see the analysis screen, there you can find out whether the email was actually sent and potential whether it's bounced etc.



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If the email has been sent but not received. (Presuming that you've checked your spam), then it's a deliverability issue.  Have you setup an SPF record and connected your email domain?  


Here's a couple of resources that may help

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