Many to One Causing Enumeration Error


I am trying to import contacts with Many to One in the "Markets" property (I.e.;Medical;Space;Industrial) but keep running into an enumeration error that says they don't match existing options defined for this property. This property is also attached to a form that has a multiple checkbox option for Markets, including the values I have on my import. They are all spelled the same and are included in the property, they just won't import.


How can I import these values without the enumeration error?

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Hello @Eric-Ott,


Are you using the label or the internal value? They might not match exactly and that could cause an error, see the example property below:




Is the error occurring for all contacts or just some of them?


Also, just to be 100% safe, the property is a multiple checkboxes property, not a radio select, correct?


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Hi @Eric-Ott ,

Enumeration errors can be tricky because the import has to be the exact option from the file into hubspot. As you can see in this knowledge base article here that the value of an enumeration option must match exactly to what you are looking for. Therefore, if the import is showing as an error that there would be an incorrect value that is not mapping across. However, as I can't see the file that you are importing I can't say exactly what the error is.

My suggestion would be to look at the file and the property options and make sure they match up to each other exactly once you do this then the import should work as expected.

Hope this helps!

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