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Hi, out accout has been locked withou any warnings.

We HAD a high percentage of hard bounces and the next day we got this error alert.

"You can’t send emails right now

Email sending for this account has been locked. You won't be able to send emails through HubSpot. If you have any questions, please read our account suspensions FAQ"

We followed the steps on the article and now I need help to get the account unlocked.

We imported a list of emails that previously hard bounced and also created a list of opted out emails but still shows as locked.

Can anyone help ? We cannot continue to test HubStop if we cannot send emails to our members. We are a non-for-profit association.

Thanks in advance.

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We take marketing email and deliverability very seriously. To help users get marketing emails to the primary inbox, we have automated deliverability protection systems designed to help maintain a healthy network reputation and high rates of email deliverability for users. Our systems have detected an abnormally high hard bounce rate on recent email campaigns in this account. As a result, marketing email sending was suspended. Email suspensions due to exceeding HubSpot’s acceptable thresholds in HubSpot Marketing Free accounts cannot be remediated. Email sending will remain locked moving forward. You may continue to use other tools available on the HubSpot platform, including 1:1 email sends through the CRM and your connected inbox.


Thank you,

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