Link to update Email Subscription sub-topics in auto-response


We are currently accepting newsletter signups using an OptinMonster form which integrates to Hubspot through integration. There's a workflow that kicks off an email once the initial conversion captures name/email address.  The auto response message contains a link which takes the user to a landing page where 3 sub-topic checkboxes are shown. Our problem, if the user clicks to go to this landing page on a different computer, the form does not auto-populate  and they must fill out email, name etc. and update their info.  


Is there an easier way to get the contact to self-select their sub-topics?  In my call with Hubspot support, they thought this would be some sort of API developer work and that's not something I can take on right now. 

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Hi @garystockton 


We can help you code a solution if you need something special...


However, is it possible to use HubSpot Forms instead of OptinMonster?


Could save you a lot of time and money if that's viable. 


Are your OptinMonster Forms on your website? Or other Landing Pages? (the reason I ask is the cookies are domain specific - which is why a user would have to refill the form).