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I've been tasked with setting up the email signatures for my company. so I've decided to use the Hubspot signature templates. We use Outlook - Business 2019 (not the web version).


When I insert the signature into Outlook's signature editor it looks fine. But when I go to compose a mail lines start to appear to the right of each social media icon, and the phone/website/email icons. This only seems to happen when using the Hubspot signature templates. Does anyone have a fix for it? The signature needs to work for both desktop and mobile so I can't just set a fixed size for the images.


Thank you for any help

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Hi @AdamCFCS,


Thnak you for reaching out to the Community! 

The Email Signature Generator allows you to create beautiful email signature templates - while the signature should look as expected in most email clients, we unfortunately can't ensure that the signature will generate the same across all email clients and browsers due to differences in individual setup and settings. 


If your signature doesn't look as expected, here's some solutions you can try:

  • Try using a different web browser to create your signature. Some web browsers don't copy the formatting along with the text and this changes with each update of the browsers.
  • Copy the source code of your signature and paste that directly into your email client's signature file. To do that, generate your signature and click on the 'get source code' button. A text box will slide out containing the properly formatted source code of your email signature. Copy your source code and follow the instructions to insert a HTML signature in Outlook

You can also take a look at this Community post, where a developer offered a solution for social media icons that appear cut off or have a line. 



Hope this helps.




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