Is there a way to convert Emails into an RSS feed?


We have a campaign of emails that we would like to host in a page where people can check to see updates they may have missed and the history of the comms campaign.


At the moment it looks like RSS is the best way to achieve this but I can't see a way to convert emails into RSS. Will we have to duplicate the emails as blog posts on a hidden/private blog and link from there? Is there a shortcut?

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That is a good idea of using a private blog to generate your RSS feed. You could also do the same thing with a wordpress install on a new domain. 


Or you could create your RSS feed manually since it is a basic text file. Each time you have a new email you could open, edit, and save. You could have a developer write an API script to automate this, but might not be worth the investment if it is just one feed and something that doesn't change to frequently.

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