I create super hero comics and host a video podcast to teach people about cybersecurity.

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Our Community is very reluctant to click on links. Therefore, I have a 28 percent open rate and a 0.4 pecent click rate. How do I enable my contacts to watch the show without clicking or I would greatly appreciate other thoughts. 

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Hi @gberman,


Do you mind sharing more about your current set up and what your end goal is? 


The more information, screenshots and examples you can provide the better the Community can assist!


Take care!


Wusstest du, dass es auch eine DACH-Community gibt?
Nimm an regionalen Unterhaltungen teil, in dem du deine Spracheinstellungen änderst !

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Maybe consider saying something like the following ...


  • Google "M Frank Johnson" to find our latest offerings.
  • YouTube search for "M Frank Johnson" for our most recent videos.
  • LinkedIn search for "M Frank Johnson" for our most recent LinkedIn posts.

Where "M Frank Johnson" is your highest ranking key phrase in Google, YouTube, LinkedIn ... or wherever you have the best social proof. However, try to steer clear of less specific terms that require quotes when searching -- e.g., "HubSpot Martech".


Finally, you'll know this strategy is working if you see relative spikes in your referral traffic from these sources within 24 hours of your email sends! 🙂 


Note: HubSpot is a constantly evolving platform. Please check the date of each post and view all solutions in that context.

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Hope that helps.


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