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Hubspot vs Infusionsoft

Is hubspot a viable (I'm sure it is capable) platform for managing 10s or 100s of thousand of contacts that are not and may never be related to deals? Like a huge email marketing list you'd build with Infusionsoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, etc. 


In my mind there are two kinds of CRMs: 

a. One that are really large database managers. They have very advanced automation capabilities and can look/smell like a CRM. But they are highly customizable, have different object types, and are more focused with mass marketing lower-end products to 1000s or 1000000s of people. 


b. Actual CRMs (HS, Pipedrive, etc). These have a lot of functionality around deal tracking, relationship building, follow up, setting appts, etc. These are true CRMs in that they track deal value, help you do projections, etc. They are also more holistic than the a type above. 


Am I wrong in my thinking? Is the automation engine in HS just as advanced as any other product on the market? 

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Community Manager

Hubspot vs Infusionsoft

Hello @PAllmond , I wanted to invite a few top experts to add their ideas in this conversation.

@MariaMilea @dkurt3 @GuyTaylor any recommendations to @PAllmond matter?


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