How to send an email campaign to multiple contacts at once

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Is there a way the hubspot gmail plug in will let me send a campaign to 30 different emails? I'm not trying to BCC these individuals, I'd like it to be a direct email to them as if I sent it direct but to multiple emails at once.

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Hello @KDon,


As far as I know this is not possible through the HubSpot Sales chrome extension. You could submit this as an idea for the product team.


If you want to send 30+ emails at once, you'd have to do this in your HubSpot portal, by enrolling several contacts in a sequence, see here:


Without access to a Professional or Enterprise subscription, I'd recommend creating a template the HubSpot Sales chrome extension so that you can quickly insert the same email copy for each of those 30+ contacts – it would be manual but better than nothing.


By the way, if you're referring to a marketing campaign and not personal outreach (sales), you can also build a list of those 30+ contacts, select a plain text email template, include the list and add your credentials as from name and from address in the settings tab of the email editor. More info here:


Hope this helps!

Karsten Köhler
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