How to see the number of MAILABLE recipients out of the 'total recipients' number?


I might add a list of 10k recipients for sending, but they will probably not all have the subscription type I've set for the email, e.g. marketing consent. Why does Hubspot show me on the Send tab of an email that the total recipients = 10k and not the actual mailable amount? 


The only way to see a number of how many people you're really about to send the email to is to add a filter to the recipient list to show 'opted into [subscription]' but if the list is static, you'd have to make a new active clone list just to show this. 

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Hi @wlee168,


Thanks for reaching out.

Currently, this is not a functionality of the tool. If you would like to see this implemented in the future, I would recommend sharing this idea in our ideas forum.


Take care!


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