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How to go about workflows and sequences for my specific needs

Hello, I want to explain exactly what I want to do so that I can get some guidance on the best way to do it. My company has a sales team that gets customers on programs that last around 20-25 weeks. We want to get them emails at 4 weeks, 8 weeks, and so on. I created workflows that automatically send those emails out so that the sales team has more time to focus on new leads. 


The main thing I am going to be asking about is for people who reorder from us and go through those programs again and again. For now, the initial customers get triggered for those automated program emails by the sales person. They do this by going into their contact and selecting the correct dropdown from the program type field we created in the contact screen. What is the best way to trigger reorders for these programs? Also so that we can track to see how many times one contact has been reordering.



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How to go about workflows and sequences for my specific needs

Are you using Deals at all on the initial order? I'm thinking you could probably build automated Deal workflows to track how many times contacts are ordering/re-ordering.