How to edit CSS of the drag and drop editor / email modules

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Hi Community,


is there a way to edit the CSS of the drag and drop editor or of new email modules? I know that CSS is deactivated by default if you want to create a new module for emails but there have to be a workaround. 


Is it possible to define it via the the <style> paramenter in the <head> like in this article: ? Or could you even edit the default CSS for the drag and drop editor (see screenshot below)?




I hope you can help me.



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Hey @Jacob02 


Usually, Drag and Drop editor is relatively basic. However, I found this answer provided by @Jon_McLaren that might be a great resource for you. 


I hope this helps.


Thank you




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Thanks for your answer - the article from Jon McLaren is very informative! 


FYI: I have made a workaround with my own CSS file which I include in the (first) custom module. Probably not the best way to do it but it does the job.


A possibility to edit the standard CSS would be of great advantage!