How to customize drag & drop email template wrapper


Hi  there, 


It seems the current system not alow to update the defaut drag & drop email template wrapper.  


The default wapper come with 600 width, 10px 20px padding. There is no way to update them.


Please help



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Hi @guier64 


You can change the default width in the Email Settings.


Settings (cog at the top right) > Marketing (left menu) > Email (left sub menu) > Size.


There you can change the default size from 600px.


If you do change the size make sure you test the emails on mobile devices - the preview isn't 100% reliable, especialy on mobile.


Did that do what you wanted?


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Hi Mike_Eastwood

That setting does not seem to have effect on the Drag & Drop emails.

It seems that there is no way of changing widths in Drap & Drop emails, just as there is no way to change padding - according to this answer:


Anyone wanting this might want to upvote this idea:

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Yes this needs to be a feature. It is surprising that isn't already set up.

Community Manager

Hello @AVerburg , looks like the idea @rosell-dk shared with us is currently in planning.

Upvoting here will alert our Product Team to the popularity of this request. Doing so will also auto-notify you if/when this functionality becomes available within HubSpot. You may read more about how that review process works here.




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