How do i append text to a personalization token?

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I work for travel company and I would like to create a subject line that varies dependent if we know where they would like to go. 

We capture this and it is available as a personalization token. But in order for it to work well I would ideally like to add some text to only show if the personalization token fires. 



1. Customer where we know the country: South Africa

Your ideal trip to South Africa - created

2. Customer where we do know the country

Your ideal trip - created 


my question is how can I append the word 'to' to the personalization token? 

Your ideal {{ personalization_token("contact.dreamed_countries", "") }} trip - created


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Hi @jlegate 


You could set up a Workflow to send a different email if the Property is known (assuming you have Marketing Pro or Enterprise).


For example Email 1 has the Destination Country (South Africa in your example) and Email 2 is generic.


The Workflow can have an IF statment - If Desitination Country is "known" then send email 1. If Destination Country is unknown send Email 2.


Have fun