How can i create my own email template for drag-and-drop emails?

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We are sending lots of emails these days and i really like the more intuitive ux for creating emails through drag and drop, but i have not been able to create my own templates. I cant seem to find a way around this. Am i just a bit system-blind? ...or is it a functionality that is hidden somewhere deep within the system. It should be easy, right?


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Hi @MSW,


You go to the drag & drop editor by navigating to marketing > emails > create email > regular and then:

Drag and drop.png


Do you see this as well?


Let me know if this helps!


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Woops, just saw that you meant how to create your own templates.


You can make custom modules and use these in your drag & drop templates. 

You can't set any fixed templates. However, you can create a default template/email with your custom modules & all the options. Anytime you make a new email, you clone your default email and edit it.


Does this help?