Having issues with getting iOS Outlook app to render email correctly


Looking for solution to getting iOS Outlook app to render images and email correctly.  This is a relatively new issue with our emails.  

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Having the same problem in Outlook iOS app. My template is a Hubspot template (not just pure HTML) and I'm having issues with Image and Rich Text Modules not stacking despite media queries added to the CSS to display them this way. They do stack correctly in other email clients. 


I have found out that replacing <th> instead of <td> tags on the tables you want to stack up can solve the problem.


I have made some tests, and unfortunately, even on an HTML module, when I replace the td tags with th, it does not stack up (it actually doesn't stack up on other email clients either). The only thing it does is actually respecting the width % set on the code (which it didn't with the td tags).

The other problem is that the th tags make all the text within the table bold... so for a fix, you would need to manually also add styling for each text tags.


I actually imported an email html that I found on a forum (where they fixed the problem). This is a whole custom HTML email and surprisingly, the stacking works fine on Outlook IOS app.
So my guess is that the styling on Hubspot templates has something that blocks the th tags to stack up, or the styling that allows mobile responsiveness is only set for td tags.

The only solution I can see is to only use full HTML templates. However, the reason why I am mainly using the normal Hubspot template creator with the modules is to avoid having to think of all the additional codes I need to add on the template for it to render correctly on all email clients.


Are Hubspot developers aware of this problem?


I am sure that as an email platform, you want to make sure that the email editors you offer create emails that render well on all email clients. They could add this fix on the backend so that all emails created and sent from hubspot render well. I must say I am a little confused as to where to get help for this.


I am having the same problem. It seems to be happening only on the IOS Outlook app. In some cases, it renders properly, but when checking on the "Test in email clients" feature, this issue is still happening.