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We sent a marketing email a few months ago. The hard bounce rate was quite high - around 8%. We have since made efforts to remove these contacts from our marketing lists. Since then, our bounce rate has dropped significantly to less than 1.5%. However, the hard bounce warning message is still appearing. It doesn't seem to take into account that we've deleted the contacts in question, and the suggested actions don't seem relevant. As I've deleted these contacts, why would I need to import an opt-out list. Will this message eventually disappear on it's own?





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Hi @Chrispy_Shaker


An important thing to note is the system looks at your marketing email performance over time to determine your portal's overall hard bounce rate. If this rate exceeds the email limits detailed in this guide, you'll continue to see in-app tool tips that are intended to help you clean up the contacts database in effort to prevent further bounces on future campaigns.


When cleaning up the contacts database, take a look at contacts that do not meet the minimum criteria to send using HubSpot. This includes those who have not given their email addresses directly to your organization, provided explicit permission to receive marketing email, and those who have not been sent an email within the past year (AKA stale contacts). Stale contacts are a tricky bunch and are more likely to cause hard bounces, which negatively impact your sender reputation and deliverability. Simply cleaning up the database of contacts that have already hard bounced doesn't do much in terms of preventing additional bounces as these contacts are automatically suppressed from future sends.


Going forward, I'd recommend employing a regular database cleanup routine and to identify contacts that will hard bounce and negatively impact your sender reputation before you hit send. Following email deliverability best practices will help make sure that those who do want to hear from you will receive your marketing email in their primary inbox. Following these recommendations may also help prevent the in-app tool-tips from appearing in the email marketing tool. You are also welcome to click the 'X' in the top right corner of the box to remove them from view. 



If you have access to HubSpot Support, it may be worthwhile to reach out to dig into your portal's overall bounce rate. Get in touch with Support via the 'Help' menu in the bottom right corner of your portal!




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OK.  I sent my first marketing email last week.  Hard bounce was 3.7% (90% of which was due to a customer company which regularly, seemingly, changes email formats...and I forgot to update them), and my unsubscribe was 1.3%.  Both limits are 5%, supposedly. So, why did I get a message?