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Does anyone know how to import an HTML email template into Hubspot? The article describing how to do it is two years out of date and does not reflect the new interface. So I cannot find how to do this.

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You'll still want to use your design manager. If you're using the new HubSpot navigation (which I'd recommend), it's under Marketing, Files and Templates, and you should find the design manager.


You'll still want to create a a new file and you'll have the option to choose from an HTML/HUBL file, Stylesheet, or Javascript. You can create a new HTML file and paste the HTML code into the file. 


Most of the process is still the same as what can be found here, it just looks a bit different and is probably in a different spot.

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Is there a way to avoid adding tokens? If I import the whole ready and working code why do I need the default tokens? When I preview the template it looks fine, but when I use it in an email it shows the default Hubspot copy.

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Hi there, any updates on this? This would be a really useful feature. On MailChimp you can import a zipped HTML file with all the photos. It takes MUCH longer on HubSpot as you need to manually link each image.