HELP - Shareable link for email doesn't work anymore...




I want to send a shareable link of a draft email but when I do it sends everyone on an endless login loop...


Pretty simple really. I just want to know what's up and when it will be fixed 🙂




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Hi @MMM!


Just tested with my own system and I am not experiencing this behavior.  Not that it helps you but just wanted you to know this is working right now for me. 


While it remains an issue for you, have you tried to send a test email via Hubspot. I send the test emails to myself and then forward to my review team. 


Another thought about the endless login loop, to me that sounds like the browser or computer has too much going on or has been running for a long time and needs to be restarted. It's a pain--I know!--but maybe it'll work.

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @MMM!
HubSpot recently updated our system so that preview links for emails and web pages can only be viewed by logged in users. If your and your users are logged in when you send them the link, but it doesn't recognize that and sends them on an endless loop, we'll need more information in order to resolve this. Please feel free to DM the answers to these questions.

What browser are you using?
Can you try in a different browser?
If so, did you still experience the loop?
Are you on a VPN?
Do you use 2-factor authentication?
What is your email?
What is your portal number?