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Gmail stripping out custom stylings

In the last couple of days, Gmail started stripping out styles from our custom email templates. The two glaring issues are bold text that goes missing and hyperlink colors default to the default blue color. This doesn't happen with HubSpot's stock email templates.


When I looked at the email in the preview section yesterday, the email looks right. That changed today. When sending a test email to the gmail browser it hasn't looked right for the past couple of days. Test emails to Apple Mail, Yahoo, and other email clients are all fine.


I assumed it was a Gmail issue. I also setup a Mailchimp account, and the results look good using the same styling. That leads me to believe that something changed with HubSpot.

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HubSpot Alumni
HubSpot Alumni

Gmail stripping out custom stylings

Hi @nickmwhite,


Thanks for reaching out.

It looks like you have connected with HubSpot Technical Support regarding this matter. As troubleshooting this further will involve sharing information specific to your account, partnering with them will be the best next step.


Thank you,



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