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Form follow-up emails migration

What is it?

Form follow-up emails have changed.  They've been converted to “Automated’ type, and now live on the Email - Manage page with all your other marketing emails. You can now add them to any workflow too. 


Do I need to do anything?

No. Any form follow-up emails previously set up will continue to send as normal.


Which HubSpot features are impacted?

Any emails previously created on the Follow-up tab within the Forms editor. These emails will be converted to the “Automated” email type and appear for selection within the email, forms and workflow tools


*Important Note

  • All form follow up emails that were previously created from under the CMS editor will remain intact and have NOT been converted to the simple automation follow up emails. These CMS form follow up emails will continue to work normal.


When will this be done?

This post will be updated once all portals have been successfully migrated. Click the Follow button to receive notifications.


You can read more about the feature in this KB article.

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Community Manager

Form follow-up emails migration

Thanks for sharing, @Shane_Janssens!

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