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I created a 'Newsletter Sign-Up' pop-up for my landing page, but the font in the pop-up seems to be 'Times New Roman' which does not match the look of the website. In the preview it was 'Helvetica', what I would prefer. Does anyone have a solution for this problem? Many thanks, Daniel

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Hi @Eniso,


Helvetica is not really a web-safe font, meaning if it's not on a local machine, it won't load. Web-based fonts are loaded from a URL - like Google Fonts .


Consider Google Fonts like Open Sans, Roboto, etc.


Alternatively, you can set your CSS to load a more similar font as a fall-back.


font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;

 In this example, if Helvetica doesn't load, Arial would. To change this, you can find all references in the CSS file to the Helvetica font and then add the fall-backs.



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