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A new feature that allows you to send marketing emails to a Company List instead of a Contact List would be great! We frequently create Company Lists that pull just companies from a particular set of cities, but there's no way now to email that list.

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Hi, you are corrrect and this feature is really needed.

I think it is in development at the moment.

Daniel Bleichman
Marketing | AudioCodes
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We would really need to use this kind of feature because we have made an integration with another system that has very important information about customers, which are company-related custom fields. A big handicap is that we have now company-based lists that are not usable in emails. Where else we would need them? I hope you take this feature under development soon! 

Community Manager

Hi @TVento 


Thank you for reaching out. 


I'd recommend posting an Idea in our Ideas Forum regarding this. That way other users can upvote it, and the Product Team regularly monitor the Forum


Thank you



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