Email subject performance and analysis

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I would like to see a way to compare the different emails that marketing is sending and match that with the open rate.

Right now, you can go to each email and see what was the subject line, but you don't have one view which will list all subject lines and the open rates they gained.

Something like that will allow us to better understand what works with our audience.

I would like to see something similar to the emails in sequence and templates

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Yes, I agree. I find it clunky and time-consuming to have to open up each individual email.  I end up making my own spreadsheet lists with the subject line, send list, open/click rate. Which frankly, is something Hubspot should do if they want to offer real and valuable reporting and save users time. 


A solution would be to make it possible to add these custom columns to the email dashboard. Currently, subject line and send list cannot be added to the dashboard- AND you can only add 3! This would make reporting so much easier. 

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Hi there, 

If this is something you would like to see implementing in the future, I would suggest creating an idea in our ideas forum. That will be the best place to share feature requests and enable other users to vote for your ideas.