Email opens not being tracked


Hi guys,

I'm having an issue here with emails being tracked. I have a weekly Newsletter that I send out to the people in my company, however Hubspot is not tracking the amount of opens correctly. So for example the last one went out to 50 people and Hubspot only recognised that 9 opened it.  I've also tested it myself and even downloaded pictures and opened in browser to see if that was the issue, but it still isn't tracking my opens. All the emails are Outlook emails if that makes a difference.

My guess is it's to do with the tracking pixel not being recognised on the receivers end. Is there a way to solve this issue, or even prove that this is the issue?

Any help greatly appreciated...

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Community Manager

Hi @SophieO,


If the recipients are all internal at your company, I would recommend connecting with your IT team to see what could be set up within your email server that could be causing this.


Email opens are dependent upon the tracking pixel triggering, which does require images to be loaded, however as each email server set up is different, there may be settings at a server level interfering with the opens being read, or tracked, correctly.


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