Email isn't responsive within Outlook or Apple Mail but is with other platforms.

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We send out a monthly newsletter to our clients and I am still getting used to HubSpot. I designed this email within Design Tools and it's set to responsive.


It works on all other mail platforms we've tried and it resizes to phone screens. However, when it is opened in Apple Mail or Outlook, (the type isn't working correctly either which is also annoying) it isn't responsive and looks like this:



image-1.pngDesktop Apple Mail

image.pngDesktop Outlook

Does anybody know what might be causing this? Is it to do with the mail platform itself or is it something I might be able to fix?


Thank you in advance!


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To address the simpler issue first, with fonts - if the end user does not have the font you have selected things will default to the system font on the machine which is what appears to be happening.  Also, Outlook doesn't support any fonts or modern anything so that is it's own issue.


For the responsive piece, I believe it should be working in Apple Mail, however, Outlook is its own beast and the email might not be responsive at every viewpoint.  This is because the way the Hubspot templates are setup, they are responsive based on media queries that are not supported in all email clients ( ).  But in Apple Mail this should be working.  Can you post a preview link for the email to examine the code?  It could be something in the content you are adding in the body of the email causing this not to respond in the way you are intending.