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Hi All,

I wondered whether anyone had come across the same issue I am having when sending an email newsletter to the Outlook mobile App for IOS - it cuts off a large part of the end of the email. This does not happen via Gmail mobile app, Desktop gmail web browser, Desktop Outlook web browser...and nor did it happen when I checked the email in the Hubspot mobile viewer before sending.

Any tips would be much appreciated.



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Hi @JDeeley. When testing your email, did you use the "client" feature under Preview? I'd start there and look for the iOS/Outlook combination you're experiencing the issue with. 




Unfortunately, some emails just "get wonky" in an email reader and it's a surprise. I have not seen the issue you're describing, so I don't have a quick 'here is how you fix it' solution. I would just use the client testing feature in HubSpot until you find the newsletter design that works best over the majority of systems, then use that moving forward. 



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Thanks @danmoyle - good tip for next time. We are using the standard Hubspot should work really?!



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Hi @JDeeley ,

Outlook has a tendency to make emails look different due to the limited CSS support.  

As far as Outlook, there is not much we can do to fix that since the issue with Outlook and not with the marketing email.

Hope this helps!

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Hey @JDeeley ,


Are you using the point and click builder or custom HTML in your template? If it's custom, I always start by validating the code to make sure there's not a missing tag or required attribute.


Is the part being cut off full of images or mostly text? I've had some problems with retina-sized images in Outlook — specifically when there's no width and height set directly in the <img> tag.


It's tough to troubleshoot blindly, but if you had screenshots or code you could share here it might be easier to spot the culprit.

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Hi @jfreeman,

Thanks for your feedback. To answer your question, it cut off everything below a certain point in the email - ie towards the end...that included a CTA button, an image, text, another CTA button, and the footer with a LinkedIN CTA button...I don't think I have ever had this problem before.

I believe that my agency used the standard point & click builder...there is nothing out of the ordinary with this email template. Thanks



I tried to fix it by applying the same method that you mentioned here and it worked quit nicely you can see here we both have solved it so thanks for sharing this guide sir.