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Hi HubSpot community!


I'm trying to create an email to send out to our contacts, and it was going great the last couple days, and even earlier this morning. But now none of the changes I make are being saved. It's like the email is stuck as an old draft and I'm loosing lots of the edits I've made in the last half hour.

It's not a lot of content, but I'd rather not have to completely re-do the email if I don't have to. Is there a way to manually save changes? Or am I stuck waiting for autosave to work?

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I have experienced the same issue before and this can be for a couple reasons:


1) Ensure no one else is editing at the same time as yourself otherwise this can cause HubSpot to only save one persons changes. 


2) The editor page is open in multipul tabs.



To save the email manually, there should be a 'Save' button next to the 'Next' button. If this does not work. Try clicking 'Next' until you get to 'Update' (This only works if the email is saved for automation).


If any of the above does not work, you can either:


1) Copy your changes, refresh the page and paste. 

2) Click on the button between 'Save' and 'Next' which will take you back to previous saves which could be useful. 


Please let me know if this does not answer your question and I can do some further digging. 

Elysha Shave


Hi Elysha 🙂


I did do 1 & 2. No one else was on it, and I didn't have any other tabs open on Hubspot (except to post this).


I should clarify that I was using the drag and drop editor, not the classic editor and on that platform I couldn't find a visible save button. I tried refreshing and pasting, but still no saving. Wound up just creating a whole new email and copy and pasting and reformmating the elements, and delteing the old file. 


Thanks for trying to help, I know the Drag and Drop editor is still in beta, so maybe it was just a bug.


I have just the opposite challenge.  Autosave attempts to save every single little twitch of the mouse or minor change. I would like a design framework that allows me to modify and adjust things to see how they look BEFORE saving.  I would like the option to turn off autosave and work in manual mode.