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I was looking for more insights and automation ideas for our current email marketing. We like to track the top engaged contacts and previously I was told you cannot add those to a list but wasn't sure if anyone knew of any workaround? We document any who has opened 5 or more times in the top engaged opens. 


Currently, we send our emails out based on customer lists, not timezones. Is there a benefit to sending based on time zone? Should we be sending all one on campaign or should we break it up into 5 different campaigns? The reasoning we do break it up right now is our reporting is separate for the different lists because of who handles those lists on our sales. Can you pull the clicks off emails based on the list they are in? 


Any automation ideas anyone uses we'd love to hear as well since we are still getting used to HubSpot.



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You should be able to easily create a list of folks based on how many emails they've opened. From there, you can include this list on future sends. You may think about adding a filter to this though, such as "opened 5 emails" within the last 6 weeks or something like that. I think timezones should be taken into consideration too, so I'd recommend checking the box so that people aren't receiving emails in the middle of the night if they aren't accustomed to that from your brand. 

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You can send based on timezones even if you are sending to multiple lists. Time zone sending is just to allow you to send to recipients at 11AM Eastern Time for example. Otherwise, if you don't use time zone sends, or if Hubspot doesn't know the timezone, then someone in Central European Time will get it at 5PM, and someone on Pacific Time would get it at 8AM.


Also you could potentially put people on a list who have opened at least 5 marketing emails, but I'm not sure how accurate that is anymore. For instance, it is known that spam filters, especially in larger organizations, can open emails to test, and with Apple's new technology, opens may not be reported at all.  This will be true for any email platform you use anymore. It would be much more reliable to look for email opens or visits to your site where users have cookies to track.


Whether you can send this out as one email or many has other factors involved more than just the list. If you are trying to make this personal and have things like a reply-to setup to be that rep, there is no way that I am aware of to make that dynamic in hubspot. 

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Email Reporting

Hi @shannonk922,


Thanks for reaching out!


I'll add some experts from our community to our conversation -- @karstenkoehler@Bryantworks@himanshurauthan@louischausse - Do you have any insight on email marketing automation and analytics for @shannonk922?


Thank you!


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