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I'm looking for something that I don't think exists.


I'm simply looking for a report that tells me which emails were sent in the last 30 days, to which lists they were sent, from which workflow (if any) they were sent, on which date they were sent, and then the usual results of number delivered / opens / clicks / etc.


Is this something that exists already that I'm just missing?

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Hi @BrianDunn ,


Did you already take a look in the email reporting tool? You can find it at the Analyze tab in the email tool:


HS Community - Analyze tab.png


First set the filter at the top left of the screen to create a selection of emails that fit your needs. For example: emails from a specific campaign, automated emails only or just any email that was sent the last 30 days. Then take a look at the reports. For a view per email, scroll to the Email Performance Dashboard at the bottom and selected the desired analytics in the 'edit columns' tab. 


The  only thing not showing here will be the sending lists (but number of sends/recipients is). You can find them per email when you check the email analytics. Another thing you could do to see recipients of all your emails in one overview, is to create an active list with the following filter:


HS Community - Email sends.png



Hope this helps!


Kind regards,



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Thanks for the ideas! Tha Analyze tool doesn't give me the info I'm looking for. The idea of the list was good. But I need a report that gives me email, list (or workflow), date sent, number sent, all the stats. So I went to reports and tried to build a custom report using the "last marketing email send date". I found there is no "last 7 days" or "last 30 days" in the filter functionality in the Report Builder. And I'm still not sure I'd be able to "roll up" the results into a single line on a report (so all the info for list "X" in a single line on the report). But this is progress 🙂